Unusual Volume

My short term swing trades are something that I have been working on very hard. I will be trading mostly this type of method in 2018 as we should start to see the late stages of the bull market. There can be some very nice rewards but you don’t want to be a bag holder at that stage in the cycle. I look for unusual volume and what if any, are the fundamentals for the move. I only buy stocks on increased volume that are over sold. I never buy a stock that has already moved strongly on volume to over bought levels. The ideal holding time would be maximum one week on average. You must have a lot of different styles of trading to suit the market conditions. If you are a one trick pony, you will soon run into trouble at some point and not know why.

EKSO 1hr chart there was unusual volume. That then faded and again there was an increase in volume giving another long entry. Also if there is high volume at over bought levels that is a sell. These are the chasers with the FOMO coming in late to the party as they usually do because people are now talking about the stock in chat rooms.

You can put an alert on just to see what happens from here now that the volume as died down.

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