Template Study

Once you understand how to use my templates they are the easiest thing ever to use but I am finding it very difficult to show people how to use them if they are not used to this type of thing. I am re-doing my trading method rules to break it down into baby steps that anyone should be able to follow. I am also going to be doing videos for each level. If you have tired my templates and didn’t get it, have another go at it when I post my new instructions. You will be glad that you did. If you just try to guess, you will never make money from trading. You must use proper analysis. If you can’t follow instructions then it won’t matter how I show it, some people just won’t get it.

AUDNZD daily. This is an intraday entry when price crosses above supertrend.

AUDNZD short term template the intraday entry is above the kumo in this case but with an intraday exit stop.

EURUSD daily intraday entry when price crosses below supertrend.

EURUSD short term template with entry below the kumo but with a intraday exit stop.

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