PMA – Positive Mental Attitude

I am a big believer in positive mental attitude. Trading is 95% mental. If you do not understand this you will not succeed in trading over the longer term. When a lot of traders have come to me in the past complaining that they can not make a go of trading, I ask them a series of questions. By about question number ten I stop them there, and tell them straight out what the problem is. I just say it as plain as can be. ‘Your attitude sucks.’ Of course they do not like being told this but there is no point going forward until this problem is addressed. PMA is something that I had a great deal of trouble with myself. I have had to work very hard to develop techniques to work on my PMA. One thing that has made a dramatic difference in my trading is simply having a standing work desk instead of slouching in a chair. I stand at my trading desk. It has made a world of difference to my mental attitude. Another of my key tools is to get away completely from my trading desk. I have to get away to a place where there is water, any water, a lake, the beach, a river. I find it calms me and not only that, I find that I have my best revelations about my trading method during these times of relaxation. I was reading a great article about emotional creativity and I thought I would share it. There are two pages.

Emotional Creativity: How We Become Better Creative Thinkers


One of my favorite positive thinkers is Napoleon Hill. I have learned so much from his books. You can get the books on Amazon or there are quite a few audio books like this one on YouTube. You might like to have a listen.

Napoleon Hill Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude Audiobook


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