Parabolic Moves

The main reason why I set about creating my trading method, was to deal with how to trade on smaller time frames. I tried various methods to trade on small time frames but I could never get a very high success rate, due to the number of false signals.

I now have a very reliable system. I am not a day trader but I want to see the intraday data when there is a parabolic move, and be able to get something tradeable out of that over a few days. I now have a very reliable system for my short term swing trading over a few days. This year has been a huge breakthrough for me in my ability to generate consistent results in any market condition.

I will be doing a video about my trading method over the break. I will show how my whole method works, all the way down from monthly, weekly, daily, 4hr, 2hr, 1hr, 5min.

There are plenty of great looking methods like Gartley patterns, but getting reliable trading results from these is a different story.

ROKU 1hr basic method.

ROKU 5min basic method

This is my intraday advanced template to be used in combination with my basic method.

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