Not Your Grandfathers Market

I was reading an article about the most overcrowded short trades globally. Number one most short was Tesla Motors. Number two was Commonwealth Bank. Commonwealth bank is taking a pounding today on money laundering allegations. The days of buying large cap stocks and holding for the dividend are long gone. Passive investing is the wrong approach in the current market conditions. Most people are passive investors because they just don’t know any better. A lot of people who got hurt in the GFC still have not learned anything. What can I say? There are plenty of good gains to be had in ASX stocks if you do some basic homework. I have had some great trades this year on ASX stocks as shown below.

ASX weekly index has been flat this year but there are plenty of good stocks to trade that outperform the market, both on the long and short side.

15 stocks here that have all out performed. A mixture of small caps and large caps.

See all 15 charts

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