Goodbye For Now

Well, what a year this has been. I finally achieved my holy grail of getting consistent returns month on month. I have not had a month below 10% this year. That is a huge breakthrough for me. I have realised it is not about chasing the dragon, because you will never catch it.

I will be having a break from posting for December. I will still be trading at least up to the Fed meeting on Dec 15th. I will be having a go a the CME bitcoin options over the break and I will do a post about it next year if it is worth looking at. Nasdaq has just announced they are likely to list a futures contract for bitcoin mid 2018 as well. It all depends how much liquidity there is. It might start slow for a while, hard to say.

I will do some video’s about my full trading method over the break. I have got the whole thing covered from the monthly chart, right through the weekly, daily, 4hr, 2hr, 1hr and 5min.

I have done my best to show what I do in the hope that it might help someone avoid the pitfalls that I encountered. Only a hand full of people were interested but that is ok. Most people just want to be told what to buy and sell and not think for them self. You will never make money that way. It’s just human nature I guess. Just remember this quote. “Bulls and bears make money but pigs get slaughtered.”

This blog has been a huge help to me and I will always write about my trading. This has been part of my trade journal process. It is very useful to look back over and see what I was thinking at the time. My biggest breakthrough in my trading was to take it one week at a time.

If I see anything important I might drop a post about it but only if it is critical.

Take care. Peace out!

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