Fed to Markets: June Rate Increase Is on the Table

FOMC minutes show rate rise in June is on the table as rate hike odds lift sharply off lows. This is of course date dependent. I will believe it when I see it.

yeel hawk

Precious metals and bonds where battered on the announcement. I knew there would have to be a catalyst to stop the breakout of gold above the key resistance. There we have it.

Bonds gold down

Silver weekly

Silver week

Gold weekly


$USDJPY weekly


$SPX v $TNX Mth This correlation needs to re-couple at some point. How the Fed does this without crashing the market is what everyone is wondering.


$TLT weekly


See this WSJ article

Federal Reserve officials said an interest-rate increase in June was possible if incoming data showed an improving economy and sought to push back against market expectations that such a move was unlikely, minutes from the Fed’s April meeting show.

Source: Fed to Markets: June Rate Increase Is on the Table

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