Extreme Greed

According to the CNN Fear and Greed index, greed is at a whopping 95 which is 95% greedy. The S&P 500 is making 20 year records for a winning streak. All this adds up to the rubber band trade of all time brewing. I have my watch list ready. All I have to do is sit and wait for the signal and then pin my ears back. It is going to be like picking up gold nuggets off the ground. I have not had a chance like this since I have had my full, current trading method, so I can’t wait to see how it goes.

“For the crime of Greed do these souls suffer. Those clerks asquint of mind made no measured spending in life. And by contrast, in these Popes and Cardinals, greed practiced its excess.” ~ Virgil

The more greedy the markets get, the better the rubber band trade will be when there is a reversion back to the mean. There is no point trying to say when that will be. You just have to be watching for the reversal signal as it presents. That could be quite some time away yet.

S&P 500 mth

Dow Jones mth

Nasdaq mth

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