Crypto’s Update – Breaking News

Crypto’s update. Some very interesting developments in crypto’s. This is the wild west. If you are afraid of these frontier type of products, it is because you don’t understand what they are about. In that case it is better stay away.

I will be trading the Bitcoin futures options when they start depending on the liquidity. At this stage it looks like they will be available by year end. You can get a CBOE demo account and try it, it does not cost anything.

Breaking News: It looks like SegWit2x has been cancelled at this time. If you want to follow the updates about it, Boxmining is very good.  He does not talk a lot of nonsense, just the facts.

Bitcoin daily and weekly

Ethereum daily and weekly

Veritaseum 4hr and daily

Litecoin daily and weekly

Ripple 4hr and daily

Lisk 4hr and daily

Monero 4hr and daily

Dash 4hr and daily

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