Crypto’s Update

It has been a very interesting start to the year for crypto’s. There are plans to release a number of ETF’s this year for trading bitcoin. The bitcoin futures were not a great success as expected, mostly because of the requirements to trade them. I expect the ETF’s will do much better. Bitcoin futures options are expected to start after a few cycles of the futures contracts. The implied volatility will most likely make the options too expensive to trade. There is much better value in trading the altcoins. The “how to buy bitcoin” google trends search has been incredibly accurate. It will be interesting to see what it does from here. The search result is in consolidation after a very long down leg since mid December, a few days before the bitcoin futures started trading. There are a lot of very nice projects in some of the smaller cap crypto’s. A lot of the problems that bitcoin was supposed to solve, are now becoming evident. I would not be a long term investor in bitcoin.

Bitcoin futures 4hr in consolidation.

Bitcoin daily in consolidation.

Ethereum has been doing very well. Best to trade the consolidation breakouts.

Litecoin daily in consolidation.

Ripple daily in consolidation. Possible to see a reversal here. I certainly would not be a long term investor on this one. Good for short term swing trading.

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