Crypto’s Update

Well what a year it was in 2017 for crypto’s. It will be known as the year that crypto’s really made sceptics take notice. For me 2017 was the year when I changed from sceptical to realising that cyrpto’s are here to stay. I made a few trades early in 2017 and found it very easy to trade on my method. In October, November, December I did extremely well.

I believe if you look at crypto’s in terms of the internet, 2017 for crypto’s was 1995 for the internet. Having said that, I believe that Bitcoin will soon lose its place as the dominant player just as Netscape did. Only time will tell.

I think the best way to trade crypto’s is short term swing trading. I am not a long term HODL’er as the term has become known.

There are so many projects that have great potential this year that I will be trading. I will only cover the main ones here on my blog as an example.

Bitcoin weekly is in consolidation. I would not be making any long term forecasts about where it is going.

Ethereum weekly is getting very wide of the kijun sen. If there is enough momentum the kijun sen can turn up. Interesting to see what it does.

Litecoin is in a weekly consolidation. I expect 2018 will be a very good year for Litecoin.

Ripple daily. This made a huge run in December. It is a bit wide of the daily kijun sen . Could expect some consolidation.

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