Crypto’s Update

Today’s lesson is about taking my own advice. I looked at my old Twitter account, that I stopped posting on about 12 mths ago and what do I see? My second last post was Bitcoin weekly. My comment was something like “watch this rip on this breakout”. Oh it ripped just a little bit, a modest 675% in that 12 mths. I managed to get on a few sneaky trades on Bitcoin and Ethereum for quite a good profit in that time though. As they say, everyone has 20/20 hindsight.

Bitcoin weekly November 2nd 2016. I knew this was a classic breakout when it got back above the weekly kumo, but the future was still very uncertain for Bitcoin at this time.

Bitcoin weekly currently with a nice breakout last week. Usually the pattern has been break then consolidation, rinse and repeat. That first arrow was my last Bitcoin post twitter.

Ethereum weekly is in consolidation still.

Litecoin is still in consolidation.

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