Crypto Update

There has been some issues with some of the cyrpto currency servers, which is my main concern with this type of ‘investment’. Bitcoin is seeing some retracement down about 10.68% at time of writing which is not anything out of the ordinary. Have to see how it goes over the next few days.

BTCUSD 2hr took a loss on this price study trade. You will not take a profit on every trade. The entry was a valid setup. The price was very wide of the kijun sen at the time of entry. Had I really been trading this I probably would not take an entry at that point. I expect to see price come back to the kijun sen at around $2400. Lets see where the next long entry presents. I would like to see a good pull back for the health of the uptrend moving forward.

ETHUSD 2hr these four trades are still going. If the stop was hit all four entries would be in profit.

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