Crypto Update

The Crypto’s are seeing some profit taking which was well overdue. Lets see if I can pick the turn at the bottom and get long again with my price action study. People say that you cant trade these type of assets, I am proving with my study and my trading method that you can. This is just my basic method. I could get much tighter entries and exits with my advanced template method but that is too hands on for an exercise like this. All the talk at the moment is around Verataseum coin. It is well worth having a read about what it could mean for the financial industry. I find it very interesting.

ETHUSD daily all four entries were closed out. Not the exact top but a very nice exit and profit on all four trades. The first entry of the four was a 96% gain.

BTCUSD daily is coming back to the kijun sen as I expected. Would be good to see price back to around $2000.

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