Charts Of Interest

I have just started reading Principles: Life and Work by Ray Dalio. It is a great read so far. Ray Dalio is one of my biggest inspirations. A lot of the principles of trading that I talk about are from listening to Ray Dalio over the years. I find what successful people do and I adapt that to my trading. I cannot say that it has been easy, but then nothing worthwhile is ever easy.

There have been some good conditions this week. Non-Farm is coming up so the $USD is just hanging under resistance. Could not quite get the breakout yet. Bonds are slightly bid.

Oil daily is pulling back to the kijun sen as I said I was expecting.

Gold daily is on support. Chinese golden week holiday ends on the weekend so see how things look next week. Maybe the selling is a little over done for now. Depends what the $USD does as well.

SPX week has MACD crossed up. Trump trade back on for now it seems.

NDX weekly breakout but still negative divergence.

DAX weekly small breakout but looks like it could be false. See how it ends the week.

BUND daily forming a base.

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