Charts Of Interest

I just got back from a nice weekend away. I gave my eyes a good rest from looking at charts. I like to come back and see if anything jumps out at me. I can’t say that anything is at this time. I feel like it should be. Sentiment can change very quickly so I can’t afford to become complacent but I don’t wont to be one of those people who have a constant bearish bias hoping that I will be right on day. There are plenty of those around. I avoid those sources because there is nothing to be gained from it. I expect to see a good correction at some point in the near future which will provide some nice trading opportunities.

VTI daily in a tight distribution.

RUT daily small caps could be the first to show signs of trouble but nothing yet.

SPY weekly uptrend still in play but with negative divergence on the MACD. This is very important to watch at this time of year especially.

VXX daily still watching for a break above the kumo before taking any downside seriously.

USD index weekly looks over done to the downside. I expect a small retrace up to resistance at some point but the sentiment looks decidedly bearish in bond yields.

Gold weekly tested key resistance and has back off a touch.

Copper daily has given a retracemement just as I was expecting.

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