Charts Of Interest

A quick charts of interest. It’s all about the short term levels, not making long term forecasts. You have to remember to use the if/then or true/false process. Charts are not about making predictions. Above the line/ below the line and combine with fundamentals to get the big picture.

SPY daily just holding above the trend line on thin trade.

QQQ daily is holding support on thin trade.

SPHB daily high beta found resistance and is coming back to support. Slightly risk off as you would expect.

MTUM daily is is an tight consolidation pattern just under supertrend.

SVXY daily the volatility shorts are getting a little nervous but only a consolidation. Just watching for a break below support. Price quite wide of the flat kijun sen.

TNX daily is on support after hard data has come in quite soft. Almost certain that the Fed wont be raising again this year on such week data. See how the NFP jobs look to end the week.

IPE weekly TIPS are in a descending channel.

BUND daily is in a wide distribution so has been quite nice to trade.

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