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Goodbye For Now

Well, what a year this has been. I finally achieved my holy grail of getting consistent returns month on month. I have not had a month below 10% this year. That is a huge breakthrough for me. I have realised … Continue reading

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Three Push Pattern

There are some very reliable patterns in charts. The three push is one of my favourite high probability shorting patterns. There is no guarantee with any trading method. All I can say is that I have a range of tools … Continue reading

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Bitcoin Topping Out

Bitcoin cleared 11,000 and that seems to have been the trigger for the profit taking to start. This is the first sign of a correction. I do believe the price will go much higher in the longer term but this … Continue reading

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Volatility Watch

Volatility is at a point where we need to start watching again. Remember I have been saying about the short volatility crowd? I am watching their movements extremely closely. If someone yells fire and they all make a run for … Continue reading

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Tech Watch

Tech watch update. The FANG stocks have been running rich to the Nasdaq and I have been watching for a reversal. We have seen some signs today. One day does not make a reversal, but it is a warning signal. … Continue reading

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Little Boxes

Little Boxes. I can remember my school teacher singing this song to the class in the early 1970’s (I am gen X). It seems that the millennial’s, of which the oldest are 36, are now finding their feet and starting … Continue reading

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China Liquidity

With all of the massive liquidity injections in China the markets are still showing sings of an inherent liquidity crisis. Kyle Bass has been warning of this danger for quite some time now. When this reaches the tipping point is … Continue reading

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Crypto’s Update

Bitcoin had a cracking weekend breaking the $9,000.00 mark. It could even push a little higher before it sees profit taking. Some have been saying that the demand is related to the mid December start of the Bitcoin futures contract. … Continue reading

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Trade Your Personality

One of the biggest breakthroughs in my trading was understanding what type of trading suits my personality. For some people, the types of trades that suit me, would drive them crazy. I am often tempted to try day trading but … Continue reading

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Nothing To See Here

China concerns have subsided for now and the bears have gone back to sleep. The problems are becoming inherently worse with each injection of stimulus, because it is a game of diminishing results. There is no point making forecasts about … Continue reading

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