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Dollar Index

There are a few small FX trade setups this week but there is some work to do before we get a good look at some decent trading conditions. Yellen had a speaking engagement on Sunday, which saw the $USD catch … Continue reading

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Double Supertrend

This is my double supertrend indicator rules and template. Watch the video. Save the template to your Trading View by following the instruction video on my You Tube. Then start by trading with the indicator on a demo account while … Continue reading

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Gold Silver Copper Oil Update

I just love to look at the Fibonacci levels on charts. It is something that can be very helpful and when you get used to seeing these levels you will see them without even needing the measuring tool. I do … Continue reading

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Crypto’s Update

Today’s lesson is about taking my own advice. I looked at my old Twitter account, that I stopped posting on about 12 mths ago and what do I see? My second last post was Bitcoin weekly. My comment was something … Continue reading

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Super Easy Double Super Trend

This indicator is one that I made for people who trade crypto currencies who wanted an easy form of technical analysis. It turns out that it works great on stocks or anything for that matter. It is super easy to … Continue reading

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What’s Up?

I saw this front cover of The Economist magazine recently asking are asset prices too high? The answer in my mind is yes and no. Asset prices are too high but that does not mean that they can go higher. … Continue reading

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ECB Headline Fatigue

If you are feeling ECB headline fatigue it will only get worse from here. The meeting on October 26th is said to be when we get the details of what lies ahead. In the meantime we can be ensured of … Continue reading

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Nikkei v USDJPY

This quote from Nick Leeson today was one of the funniest things I have seen this year.¬† I give this quote of the year. “Nikkei225 at highest level today since 1996 – probably not far off my break-even point. If … Continue reading

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Charts Of Interest

Just a quick charts of interest. North Korea is planning more tests for next week so get ready for a tweet storm from Trump about the little rocket man.

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Small Caps

Russel 2000 small cap index is 23% above its monthly kijun sen. This will be very interesting to see over the next few weeks. Increased volatility is nothing to be feared. It should be welcomed. IWM Russell 2000 ETF daily. … Continue reading

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